Thursday, April 12, 2012

Too intelligent for their own good

We often talk about Indian advertising being among the best in the world - and it is true too. Some of the world's most creative ads have come out of the Indian advertising agencies, and we continue to churn out some mind-boggling stuff each year!
But then, once in a while, our people become too intelligent for their own good, and the ad goes bouncer to the watching millions! The latest campaign of Vodafone is a classic such case.

Usually, Vodafone comes up with some amazing pieces of advertising - Zoozoos and The Pug campaigns have hit off brilliantly! The last one with the children wasn't up there, but the latest one - featuring the Chicken Vs Penguin Fun Fair campaign is quite strange! Really.

If you haven't watched it yet (which is possible only if you haven't been watching IPL at all), here it is again - 

Now, the purpose of this ad is to say that Internet is Fun on Vodafone. If you watched this for the first time, you may wonder what this has to do with the concept at all. Ogilvy is a smart company and hence they made sure that the ad comes up at least once every few minutes - allowing viewers to assimilate the information, and hopefully, catch on to what they wanted to convey in this strange roundabout campaign. If you watch closely, you'll see that the rollers on which the Chicken and Penguin have a race are attached to a scroll within the television set between them, and as they run, the scroll runs along, and up comes a trophy for the Chicken - when the morose anchor says that 'Chicken Wins'. Wow! Now why does another team have to blast them with jets of water is anyone's guess.

Why do internet ads all have to be so immensely confusing? Reliance takes us to a whole new level by getting a guy to open his knots and rush out of a car stranded on the way of a speeding train - all while watching a how-to video using the Dongle. Amazing, huh!

The TVC of Vodafone for IPL5 says that this is a series of 8 advertisements which will come up as the tournament progresses. We only hope that the next ones aren't as 'intelligent'. Go, folks - take a tip from the people who make ads for Pidilite - especially the chap that made the Fevikwik ad with five fish stuck to a little piece of wood. 
Bring 'em back!


Kalyani said...

Lovely one anna! The same thing was on my mind last night when we were watching some of these goose-egg commercials. They don't make sense at all. Hope the makers realise this :)

Raj said...

superb bhaiyyaa...i was pissed off with these ads and that too from Vodafone who had national news channels behind them to cover how Zoozoo ads were made

angelofdusk said...

couldnt agree more anna - cant tell you how much i miss my advertising class at college which is the last memory i have of good ads...