Saturday, October 01, 2011

Give them their piece!

Dear Sonia (ji), Manmohan (ji), Kiran (garu), Azad (ji) and whoever are the other people the 'high command' has designated to continue this mess till the election (which, by the way is theoretically in 2014), please give them their state. It really does not matter whether a few districts go this side or that side. It absolutely is of no practical concern to us whether we stay united or not - seriously! 95% of those people who either support or reject bifurcation are either stake owners in something commercial stemming out of this split (or not), or cows who have been herded into the mob. Every one knows that! Even the people in 'Telangana' or whatever they'd like to call it know, for a fact that they are stakeholders in something they don't yet understand.
But why trouble us? We have suffered enough already, haven't we? Most of the rupee we earn and pay to the government anyway goes into secret channels which no one (read as NO ONE) can decipher. And now, we have to pay for some guy's emotion! Pray tell us, what have we done to suffer these four hour power cuts? From coming Monday, that power cut is going up to six hours! Anyway half the state is paralysed. The other half which is working, is getting no help, and now we have to put up with this too?
Six hours of power cut in a city centre, and honestly, most of the people who are suffering though these hours really don't care whether a new state is carved out or not. Why should our offices be closed (no inverter will last for those many hours, will it?)? Why should we swelter when we've done nothing wrong - except may be pay all our bills on time? Why can't we get travel reservations to attend to personal or business matters? And even if we do get tickets, we don't know whether the vehicles will run! All those people striking for close to 20 days now are going to get paid anyway (it is bound to happen - and you will pay them a bonus for Dusshera too!). Whose money are you paying out when no work has been done in this period? Obviously our money!! We work and fuel their strike, is it? And you reward us with power cuts for six hours a day. Why does Hyderabad - where all this nonsense is headquartered - get away with just four hours of power cut? All these days, Hyderabad had just two hours of power cut, when we had to work in the darkness for four hours already. 
All this monumental loss of productivity will have to be refilled somewhere, right? Where will it be? Petrol will further go up - it is afterall, the easiest way to filling the state's coffers. Bus fares, electricity bills, property taxes,  VAT, and all those other channels which fuel the state's 'growth' are bound to go up! And who suffers through it all?
When will this tamasha end? Won't we be allowed to do our work in peace? Are we asking for too much, leaders? We pay our taxes on time. We don't strike, we don't complain. We make do with whatever the state is (or isn't) doing for us. And no, we are not demanding for a separate (or unified) state. Then why punish us? Don't we have a say? Afterall, we seem to be funding this agitation anyway!!

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