Sunday, October 24, 2010

Twitterati, Twit, Tweethearts, Tweeple and more!

'Good Morning Tweethearts' says Genelia on Twitter (obviously!), and thousands respond!

Karan Johar and RGV sling it out publicly on Twitter, and all those twits rejoice!

'Good night Tweeple' signs of Preity Zinta, and all those lambs go off to sleep!
This is truly nice! No more waiting for a Filmfare Magazine or an online version of Mumbai's DNA newspaper to catch up on all the dirty (and once in a while neat) stuff the celebrity world has to offer!
Though Twitter has been slow on the uptake in India, has it caught up or what? This is so amazing. Anyway, this post is not just to gush about the eccentricities of people (what else gets them to say *anything* on Twitter??), but to talk about a nice little thing I realized.
We have always been celeb-crazy - whether they are film stars, cricketers, other sportspersons (thanks to Commonwealth) or all those people who term themselves as celebs. Wanting to follow their lives is one of mankind's carnal pleasures, and the good thing is that celebs play to that need. But there was always a divide between the stars and the star-gazers, as most information was sourced through a third-party platform; be it a newspaper, a TV channel, or any other means. With Twitter coming aboard, and with the company painstakingly ensuring that the right kind of profiles are verified and authenticated, there is little need for the computer-literate-Indian to flip channels on TV. Everything we ever wanted to know - from a day in shooting of Siddarth's 'Bava' to preparations by Big B for the national awards function, are now on public domain!
Head over into the friends list of one of these stars and you enter a whole galaxy of them! Siddarth  and NTR talk to Prakash Raj who's busy shooting in Bangkok; Aamir Khan applauds the team which made 'Tere Bin Laden' (and yes, Ali Zafar is on his following list); Sachin Tendulkar congratulates all the CWG games medal winners by saying that they make him proud! Why do we need to go elsewhere? Everything is right here!
One great thing I just noticed on Twitter is that they allow all these star pages to have their own theme and backgrounds. So Amitabh Bachchan's page is a collage of moments from his life ( and Aamir's page is a reflection of his straight-forward personality (
Surfing from one page to another is a great pastime, and every page has some surprise followers and following crowd. Live updates - no more waiting for the next day's papers! And reading prejudiced accounts are so passe! Live updates are the in-thing, and no wonder that Google has made major modifications in their search parameters to include instant updates a part of the search results being displayed.
The next time there is need to check up on your favorite celeb, just head over to Twitter. If you don't find them there, don't worry - they'll be there soon enough! No one can afford not to be in touch with their fanbase anymore, and it is pretty exciting to see stars playing to the tunes of their followers and not otherwise! Ah! The empowerment of the internet.

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