Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tell No One - My Review

I read a lot, and most of what I read is divided between Popular Fiction and Business Books. Like with a lot of readers, I have waves - of one writer after the next, and the last writer I finished up was Lee Child. You can read a post about Jack Reacher on this page itself - about two posts down.
The current writer I'm smitten with is Harlan Coben, and actually, this is my second innings of infatuation with his writings. I've already written a review on the first Coben book I read - Gone for Good, and this post is about the next title in my reader list. The good thing is that our local bookstore brought in the entire series of Coben, and Tell No One is what I picked up first.
There is one very unique thing about Coben - he has the knack of weaving between first person and second / third person narratives with tremendous ease, and as readers, we're left bewildered with this. Not that it is confusing or anything, but we usually see books written in a single person stance.
Tell No One is a standalone book (not part of the popular Myron Bolitar series, in which Coben has written ten books to date), and is among Coben's most popular books. It has also been made into a French film in 2006. 
Coming into the story, Tell No One is a taut, gripping story of David and Elizabeth Beck, and this is a book which will certainly keep you up at night - till you finish it. Make sure that you don't start it just before sleeptime - you won't get any!
Coben has a unique gift - of divulging facts only as and when we need them to come out, and this book is no different. At every point in the story, there is some other fact from the past which makes an entry, and changes the story flow in our minds! There is no other author who manages to do that so consistently as Harlan Coben, and that is reason enough for us to pick up Tell No One.
Like always, I'm trying not to divulge the storyline, as the genre is Suspense / Thriller, and telling you that Brandon Scope is the key to it all won't really make sense. Oops!!
Pick up Tell No One. Once you read it, you certainly will tell everyone about it :)

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