Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Next is this!

Ever since Aamir Khan started promoting the Samsung brand, there has been a lot of change the brand has undergone – and that is certainly something which would have been done wontedly by the company. Starting with Mobile Phones, the tech revolution was evident through all the launched products, and now it has finally reached Laptops.

To be honest, Samsung was never a hot favorite in laptop computers, and a lot of us (me included) would not even know that they were into this market! However, after seeing a review on a third party site, I realized that not only do they make laptops, but they have some amazing models in store.

I was actually searching for a mini-model which is quite the rage nowadays; and though I am convinced that no mini will survive with my horrendous usage, I still love to look around (as everyone does). The Samsung N110 is a mini laptop, yes, but it packs quite a punch. For instance, there is a 6-cell battery that  lasts for almost ten hours (and that is much more than my current LARGE laptop can take); a keyboard that is 93% the size of a large keyboard; integrated 1.3 mega pixel camera; and a 10.1” LED display. The weight of this little super star is just 1.26 Kgs and that is less than 40% the weight of a normal laptop.

I was also looking at other laptop options in the ‘mini’ category, and find that this one certainly is among the top options in the market today.

Guess Next is Samsung Laptops now!! If you have used / seen a Samsung Laptop, do share your opinion by commenting on this post.

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