Thursday, July 30, 2009

It’s official – The Sun is out!!

SunCartoon[1] All these days, I was still in a dilemma whether the Indian Recession has officially abated or not. That thought has been laid to a positive rest today, and yes, it is official that the Sun is out!!

Whatever people have written about in the business dailies, and whatever the finance minister has said in the budget, as citizens we all have our own calculations. We call them ‘inner voice’, but sometimes it takes something from the outside to trigger that voice. For me, it was a telephone call yesterday.

After all these months, I finally got a call from a financial company asking if I had need of a personal loan! For me, that is the end of recession!!

If you have a mobile phone (read as ‘if you are considered to be alive’), you would also have missed the fake politeness, the laughs that suddenly cut off when we picked up the call, the voices that tried to be confident, and the pressure evident on month-end calls (which by the way start from the 15th). Not one, but two calls came through yesterday from two different companies – both offering personal loans.

And then I saw a banner strung outside a major nationalized bank announcing that this is ‘Credit Card Utsav month’. Ah!

Finally, we got a call this morning at the office mentioning that a client wanted 5 executives to disburse small ticket loans in rural areas.

The Sun is out, and it is a-shining! How nice it is to look forward once again to bounced cheques, threatening calls, atrocious interest rates, rude customer service executives, streams of calls and messages, and so much more which I cannot recollect in this excitement! Actually, I am not being entirely cynical. If this is a solution to an awakening of spirits in the country (the human variety, I mean), and of a rekindling of the feel-good factor, the big comeback of retail credit is truly welcome!

Wear sunglasses (and get your do-not-disturbs activated) once more!

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Subha said...

We accountants might just say u r too optimistic n too early.. but then we r d cynics..ur version sounds best 4 all..