Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Unique Phenomenon!

I was looking at some pictures from Santorini island in Greece, and one thing that struck me immediately was the very unique way of construction.

I don’t mean construction in terms of architecture or in terms of materials used. What we will notice is the unity in the people to preserve their heritage. Look at the picture here, and you will observe that the colors used by most of the people are white and blue.

For a very long time, the Greek isles have been synonymous with usage of Whites and Blues, and whether it is apartments, villas, or hotels, they all try and use these colors as much as possible. The effect that it gives is simply stunning! When one sees the white spires and blue domes rising over the deep blue of the Mediterranean, you simply can’t turn your eyes away! Search Google for more pics of these isles and you will notice that even from the pictures.

Now, coming to our part of the world, it is variety that rules! If my neighbor has painted his house Brown, I have to ensure that I paint it Green!! No two houses are in similar colors. With new colors including fluorescent ones popping up with alarming regularity in our streets, it is fair enough to say that we are at the other side of the world from Greece!! Everything – arches, materials used, colors, designs and even landscaping will be different from home to home in our region!

But in the picture, you will also notice that there is one single house (at the top right hand corner - in brown) that has begged to differ. It must have been built by an Indian!

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