Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pragmatic fan-club!

One of the most awesome comments that I have seen in the recent times was on Rediff. In response to an article analyzing why India performed so dismally in the T-20 world cup, an avid fan finally burst out - ‘Now, let’s get back to work’!

In a Cricket crazy country like ours, it is absolutely safe to say that the average productivity per citizen has come down significantly over the last 2 months. IPL matches started at 3 pm and most of the people in my friends circle (including me) mentally shifted to the cricket pitch. Till the second match ended after midnight, there was no more changing of channels, and half the next day went discussing about the earlier days heroics (or otherwise).

I am a die-hard cricket fan too, and I firmly believe that I played a major role in Deccan Chargers lifting the IPL trophy. However, after the IPL ended and things got back to normal, the T-20 world cup began; and when India played Pakistan in the practice match, there was no emotion left to express! Though the stadium was full and the atmosphere on TV was charged, all of us at home slept off half way through, and when Pakistan won, it didn’t really matter! After the tournament began, the only match I really watched was India taking on West Indies (that too with red eyes and continuous worry about going to the office early next morning!).

After England ousted India out of the tournament, though there was a bit of sadness, there was also an element of relief. Since I did not actually watch the complete match, I was looking at Rediff the next morning and reading articles of Dhoni apologizing to the Indian fans, and Kirsten blaming the IPL for this sub-standard performance; the comment that actually encapsulated it all was of a regular reader finally exclaiming – Now, let’s back to work!

Seriously, let’s get back to work, and thank god that there’s no Cricket to be played in the next few weeks after this one. Meanwhile, I’m sure that our Mitochondria will get recharged and we’ll get back in passion for the next series against West Indies starting this month end.

But wait! There’s also the women’s T-20 world cup happening simultaneously in England and India is thru to the semis there. Wonder which channel that is being telecast on???

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