Friday, June 05, 2009

Micro Blogging - No longer 'ouch'!

The word 'Micro Blogging' has been doing the rounds for quite some time now, but the impact of it did not strike me till a couple of days ago.
Every other day, I (and I am sure that you too) receive requests from some or the other known or obscure social networking sites, mentioning that some friend added our mail IDs to their account.
Till last week, I used to wonder - do people really have the time to go into all those networking sites, and even if they do, what purpose does it serve?

Now, that question has become obsolete, as I've realized that Micro Blogging has taken over the regular social networking stuff. If you are not yet there, don't worry - you will soon get there.
The micro blogging revolution is led by the ubiqutous 'Twitter', which has become much more than a craze with the online generation. If you have not yet got onto Twitter, you will find it a real revelation when you do - there's just one column for you to enter an answer into - What are you doing now. That one question is to be answered in less than 140 characters (you're right - that is to enable twitter mobile users to see that as one regular size sms)! No wonder that the trend is called micro-blogging!
Wikipedia defines Micro blogging as 'a form of multimedia blogging that allows users to send brief text updates or micromedia through means of photos and audio clips, and publish them'. Will you be very surprised if I told you that there is a new service which allows users to communicate through short videos that are 10 seconds in length??
In the initial days, I used to think that this is taking a good thing (social networking) too far. However, I realize that I am wrong, and that micro blogging is truly here to stay. And it is not too easy either! Try communicating through a 140 character message! And another thing that I used to wonder about is how much of 'staying in touch do you need'. If this question has popped into your mind too, congratulations - we have just been classified officially as 'old'. For the new gen, apparently there is nothing called 'too much in contact'. In fact, our earlier generation used to look down on us when we scrapped throgh Orkut once or twice a week, remember? 
So, when a friend sends you a request to join FaceBook or some other old-age service, send him a short sms - wr hv u bn?
If you are seriously into micro, do let me know if you think it'll continue or is just a fad.

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