Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Accor City Super Sale - Is it the recession or what?

Hotels have been one of my primary interests ever since I got into Hotel Management several years ago. 
So whenever there is a banner ad or an article talking about something to do with hotels, my interest automatically gets piqued.
And this time, it is for an offer that can quite simply be termed as 'unbelievable'. Accor Hotels has been a world leader in business and luxury hotels for quite a while now, and the only thing that puts ordinary people off is the prices. We went for a dinner to Hyderabad Novotel a couple of years ago, and paid about 700/- per head for a simple dinner!!
Anyway, I got whiff of this new offer that Accor hotels was putting out, and after checking it out, I seriously am thrilled! So much that I had to blog about it.
This new 'City Super Sale' offer brings the prices down to between 1200/- (for an Accor hotel in Bangkok) to 6118/- to one in Vietnam. All Indian Accor hotels - Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Pune are priced at 2400/-. Chinese Accor hotels - in Beijing and Shanghai are even more affordable!
Is this the impact of the recession or is Accor trying to woo the low budget business traveler (which most of the people are nowadays)? Whatever the reason is, the offer is absolutely block-buster. Never a better time to travel in the Asia-Pacific region. Airline prices are at an all-time low, superb hotels are taking reservations for unbelievable prices, and the monsoon is just setting in! What are we waiting for??
Accor hotels include the Novotel, Sofitel, All seasons, and a few other brands.
Here's more information about the offer from the Accor website - City Super Sale.

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Camella Hunt said...

Really, Tami. It's not everyday that you get 60% off offer from an international hotel chain! I found another page through which you can get rooms for as low as $25 a night from Accor! Check it out - http://tinyurl.com/n5lnku.