Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Wonder Years Nostalgia!

'Growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day you are in diapers, next day you are gone'. One of those dialogues that I can never forget. This one is from the finale of my all-time favorite TV shows - The Wonder Years.
Most of us who've grown up in the 90's in India would remember this amazing series running on Star World (I think).
And in India, cable TV was brand new for us. I remember that in '89 or '90, for the first time we had the Star channels beaming down, and one of the first shows that I saw on TV was this. The other one is 'Small Wonder' but I guess age had a lot to do with why we were all so addicted to the Wonder years.
In school, we had recess break discussions about the day's happenings between Kevin and Winnie, and the girls actually used to get emotional whenever these two had a fight! Especially during summer vacation, Star used to run daily episodes of the show in the mornings - around 10am  if I'm right. It was like a generation thing - getting packets of Uncle Chips, a Pepsi, and sitting in front of the TV just before the starting credits rolled. From 10 to 1030 nothing else could be planned, and if dad did, he had to go it alone! Though in India things are not that fast in the school years, it made a lot of sense because the show was dated back to about 20 years. So Kevin was a schoolboy in the 70's according to the show, and quite a few things made sense :)
One of the key regrets I've got is that most of the early episodes and quite a few of the ones in between got lost out in between. By the time Star TV came to Visakhapatnam into our locality, the show was already running - and I finished school before the show ended. But thanks to the Internet, I can catch up on all those episodes now!! Will get the chips and Pepsi out once more!
Till then, here's the final episode from YouTube. If you were a fan of this all-time-hit series, you will enjoy the nostalgia too!

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