Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The best place to compare laptops!

Almost everyone in my circle of friends is either looking to buy a laptop or to upgrade the one they currently have! Like the Americans always talk about the weather when they meet, in India nowadays we talk about Laptop computers and high end mobile phones.
But the opinion that everyone gives is totally in contrast.  When one guy says Toshiba laptops are good, one more says that HP are better. While one wants us to go with the new Acer Aspire, one more swears by the service back up of HP.
I have also been in this rut for quite a while now. I've been wanting to know if shifting to a Mac would be suitable for my kind of a requirement.
That is when I came across Consumer Mate. Consumer Mate is a new offering from the 9.9 media group, the same company which manages top magazines like Digit, Skoar, and many more. I remember buying early versions of Digit just so I could know about the different new gadgets coming into the market. So, when I want to compare laptop prices and other features, this seemed to be the best place to do that.
When you visit the site, you will see some great features like hot deals from leading sellers, a comparision between all laptop computer brands and many more. But what I loved the best was a certification from one of the country's leading testing centers - Digit Test Center. It's free to use and I'm sure that anyone who's interested in Laptops will love this site. 
Check it out!

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