Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shamelessness has a new address!

With the elections literally around the corner, everyone has some kind of an opinion to offer. Every single person I meet has a different survey result with him and predicts a different count altogether! Anyway, this blog post is not to talk about the outcome of the elections, but the blatant shamelessness I just witnessed.
I have nothing against any political party - and I would rather vote for a person rather than a party. However, I just saw this ad on a website and could not help but be amazed. With Advaniji's blog becoming very popular (, every politician worth his salt has created an online version of himself, and the same for parties too. I just saw a banner ad of the Congress party linking to the website of the party, and the mesages flashing across the banner actually made me think about this post's title. Here are the 3 things the ad talks about
  1. Nuclear Energy
  2. Voting rights for the youth
  3. Mission Chandrayaan
Now, the first one is atleast ok - taking into consideration the fact that Manmohanji just managed to scrape through; and the energy won't be visible for atleast another 10 years - if everything goes to plan and the Congress remains in power!
The second one actually made me laugh. Voting rights for the youth?? What did the ad maker think? What is the role of the Congress is getting people to tide over the age of 18 so that they can become part of the electoral rolls? Voting rights for the youth indeed! Ouch!
And Mission Chandrayaan is the height. When did the project for Mission Chandrayaan start? To be precise, the announcement was made in Jan 2004, and the planning was going on much before that. Congress came to power in May 2004, and they shamelessly claim credit for Chandrayaan?? 
There is yet another feather in the cap of stupidity for this government. I saw a TV ad last night, which said - 'Help India become strong against terrorism. Weeding out the terrorists is only possible with the Congress in power'. God Save India! Is the Congress so horribly short of election promises that it blatantly lifts the slogans from the BJP and others? And any literate Indian will know that the reason why Terrorism is so rampant today is because of the shamefully weak government at the centre.

Now tell me - is the title of this post wrong? The Congress has just slipped down a couple more notches in my survey!

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angelofdusk said...

i'd ratehr vote for a person too. Its sad how the congress is still banking on its Gandhi family hangover . The best ad is a guy singing about the hand and how teh hand has brought "LUCK" to us what a _______________