Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dasvidaniya, Gran Torino and more!

Does this mean I am growing old? Or is my taste in movies changing so drastically??
Not just movies actually; but I see myself enjoying more 'parallel' things rather than the more traditional main stream things!
Like we spoke about in the 'Mithya' review earlier, I guess I'm becoming the multiplex variety too. Does that mean I am becoming more intelligent, or more frustrated with life?
I absolutely loved Dasvidaniya ( Vinay Pathak's tear-inducing performance is an absolute master piece, and the beauty is that the story is told in such an unassuming way that everyone who watches will go home feeling more laden, more mature and a bit more.
Same thing for Gran Torino. Termed as one of Clint Eastwood's last films, Gran Torino ( is another touching film belonging to the same genre. With another very unassuming story, the story slowly grows on you and by the time the end comes, you go home with a heavier heart.
Now, why did all these simple emotions take center stage? Where were all these directors all these years? And where was this section of the audience hiding? Whichever language you take, movies that are 'zara hatke' have slowly crept up on us and suddenly you become a more intelligent cinema goer!
As I said, not just cinema, most of the things in life for me have taken a different kind of a meaning. That does not mean I don't enjoy the wham-bam kinda movies now. Just finished '21' and 'Oceans Eleven' and I enjoyed them too! Looking forward to watching 'Street Kings' today.
All parallel cinema does not make sense. Like the very strange movies that have cropped up nowadays; movies that you don't understand the purpose of; movies that should have been shelved as a silly thought in the minds of the directors! But then, like we were talking about earlier, this is the Emperor's New Clothes phenomenon. You need to say 'Wow' at the end of the credits or you are termed as an insolent, insensitive and inebriated (Ouch!) fool, not worthy of watching meaningful cinema.
Anyway, there I go ranting again. Coming back, I guess my whole generation is growing older - atleast in its taste of entertainment. So, guilt-free watching ahead!

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