Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Most Prolific Nonsense. Ever!!

This is undoubtedly the most prolific work of nonsense i've ever read.
And i loved every single word!!

There is no middle path with Kurt Vonnegut. You can either love him or hate him. Same thing to this novel. Either you love this one or you absolutely hate it. There is no 'OK' to this one!
The concept itself is so crazy! You don't actually know (even after finishing the book) whether you can call this book a Biography, an Auto-biography, a Satire, a work of Philosophy, a Sci-Fi Novel or anything else.
At the library, i could not find anything worth reading. And honestly i picked this up only because of 'The New York times Bestseller' on the cover.
Kurt Vonnegut is a German - American author who lived from 1922 to 2007. He wrote Timequake in 1997, when he was over 75 years old! In fact, after writing Timequake, Vonnegut announced his retirement from writing Fiction.

The book itself is about the story of Kilmore Trout, who happens to be Vonnegut's alter-ego. All the crazy stuff in the book is attributed to a timequake which happens on Feb 13th 2001 and the world goes back by 10 years. So, people have to re-do all the things they've done in the last 10 years exactly as they did it once. They have no free-will and are bound by the Timequake.
When Feb 13th 2001 comes for the second time and the timequake is suddenly over, people don't really realise that their free-will has come back!
The story is absolutely non-linear. Vonnegut keeps swinging from thought to thought. So, unless you really are present, you'll miss one swing!

Trout's character is a master-piece!! In each of his quirks, you can read between the lines. There's a deep thinker behind that most illogical of people!
Quite a few times in the story, Vonnegut slips into his own auto-biography. And in a lot of his reminscences, he meets Kilmore trout!! Think about the irony - the creator meeting his creation!

Vonnegut takes us effortlessly into the world of the satirist. All the situations in the book are so utterly unbelievable that you'll believe them!

Enough of my nonsense. Go, read it :)

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