Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's a free world!

They say it's a free world! And in that free world, we pay for software, for internet browsers, for everything! In such an environment, real Kudos to Wikipedia, Firefox, Google, GNU, Open-source platforms like Linux, Open Office applications and the like, which are creating a BIG revolution in the world of computers and the internet.
Now, Firefox has become the undisputed choice in internet browsers, not just because it's free, but because it is so totally customizable according to the personality of the user!
When the new release Firefox 3 came out into the market last month, Mozilla decided to set a Guinness Record for the maximum number of downloads in a single day and asked people to register on their website and download on that day!

Boy, what a record they set - 8,002,530 downloads on a single day!! By far the biggest number to date! And Mozilla even sent me a certificate for participating in this record-setting event! As the file is in pdf, i can't upload it here!
If you still are not using Firefox, you must get your edition of Firefox 3 from here -

Cheers to Free Software and the day is not far off when most of the paid stuff will be replaced.

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