Friday, June 13, 2008

The Hunt for Atlantis - My Review

As soon as you see the title of the book, you are tempted to say Oh, one more???
Atlantis has been the inspiration of hundreds of authors and film makers since 10000 years!
I actually picked up this book with apprehension from the library. I'd got tired of reading little little books which don't last a few hours and i wanted something substantial. So, this 500+ page book immediately appealed.
Now, Andy McDermott does a pretty good job! The story is unlike any other Atlantis story you've read. In fact, it even puts Atlantis at a different place compared to what has been popular belief!
The main protagonist Nina is an archeologist and Ex-security man Chase is her protector. Together, they not only find Atlantis, but manage to do something unbelievable!
There's a host of well-defined characters like Kristian Frost, Kari, Hugo Castille (poor guy!), Jonathan Philby, Qobras and many many more. There's ample gadgetry to make your ears buzz. There's enough science to make your IQ instantly jump up.
Like with my other reviews, i won't reveal the plot here. But one thing i'll ask, what's up with authours turning into screenplay-writers???
I mean, they are writing books straight away with an intention to sell it to some movie maker and write screen-play for it too.
It is clearly evident from McDermott's writing that he wrote this book with an intention for it to be made into a movie. And i won't be surprised if you see it on the screens soon.
It's got enough Masala to last you a year!! (or more!)
Actually, it is like a Telugu or Tamil movie, where except for the Hero and he Heroine, everyone else dies in the attempt, but they come out unscathed!
McDermott's writing style is so much like mine - he uses unnecessary exclamation marks and ends sentences mid-way!
I guess he used to be a blogger too before turning novelist :)
One thing must be appreciated though - The sheer ingenuity of the plot - it's so unbelievable, so unbelievable, that you'll believe it! After you read thru a couple of hundred pages, you get accustomed to his writing style and can start second-guessing what's next. Most of the times, you'll guess right too!, but still you'll want to read ahead.
The best thing about the book is the font. Kudos to the publishers for keeping the typeset BIG. It's so much more easy and convenient to read at that size. Hope other publishers too follow the cue.
So, if you have a few days to kill, and you're looking for adventure, pick this up. You'll atleast become an expert on Atlantis and the ancient civilizations!!
And i'm definitely looking forward to the movie - it'll be immensely enjoyable!

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