Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Double Tap - My Review

If you like Grisham, you will Love Martini!
Double Tap is the first Steve Martini novel i'm reading and i'm certain that i'll finish his collection soon.
Unlike Grisham or any of the other popular court-room thriller writers, Martini doesn't introduce a protagonist who rises from the ashes and does something incredible to turn the jury to his client's side. He in fact, does not even get into the backgrounds of the lead lawyers. No Family, No flash-backs, No Skeletons in the closet, nothing on the personal front.
No Girl friend / Opposite number love interest either!!

The novel is pure court-room and not at one spot does he deviate from his story-line. That probably is Double Tap's greatest strength.
The plot actually is simple - One of the world's richest women is murdered and her ex-body guard is easily the number one suspect. Actually, he is too easily the number one suspect. Paul Madriani is assigned the case and he, along with his partner Harry and Investigator Herman get into defending Ruiz (the Ex-BG).
There are some very unique things about the way Martini takes us thru the story
  • The whole story is narrated in Present Tense! It is truly incredible.
  • The story does not end in the court-room. It goes on beyond.
  • The Defendant has absolutely no hysterics.
  • The Font is BIG, which makes reading a pleasure.
Actually, there are many more, but i'm trying not to divulge the plot, you see!!
The whole book is a ripper. Won't let you down at all.

The story takes you from war-sufferers to delta-force to contemporary glass art to many more things!
I absolutely loved the characters of Harry (Madriani's partner) and Templeton (The prosecution lawyer). Martini's skill lies in the fact that he managed to etch remarkable chacarterizations for people like The Honourable Samuel Gilcrest (Judge), Nathan Kwang (Congressional representative), Madelyn Chapman (The Victim) and Karen (secy) without delving into any of their backgrounds!! Wonderful.

Get hold of this book guys (and gals). It might start slow, but will grow on you big time!!
I'm off to find the next book Martini's written!

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