Saturday, May 03, 2008

What i amPacking???

Izea came up with this fantastic idea to share what gear are we packing to get the job done!
Cheers :)
Here's what i use to get along

A HP Pavilion 6000 Desktop with inbuilt 1.3 Webcam, All-in-one Card reader
An IBM Thinkpad Laptop
Wi-Fi Modem with Broadband
Nokia Smartphone with 1GB
Sony Cybershot 7.1 MP
Sony SR45 Handycam with 30GB Internal Memory
Philips Noise Cancelling Stereo headset
And a all-purpose battery charger!

Now that i've written about it, it seems like quite a bit right? But i guess there are Biggies who use much more power to deliver better stuff!

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