Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One Night @ The Call Centre - My Review

Sometimes, i can be the most obnoxious of people!
I did not like the title (thinking this is some sort of Harold Robbins-esque book) and hence did not read it till date!
However, Bhagat's 1st Book - Five Point Someone - was nice! Though i read that book after finishing college, it still connected. It was sort of like the 'Happy Days' Movie that recently became a block buster in Telugu.
Now, the blurb was what got me to read the book (along with the price - just 95/-)
When it said 'The call was from God', i just bought the book and i regret not having read it earlier!!
Chetan Bhagat has the most wonderful way of writing. The same held true for his earlier book and for his latest book too (I bought 3 mistakes of my life too and read it. That review will come up later) his style of writing holds you and doesn't let go.
Starting from the Prologue right to the Epilogue, he doesn't lose track of the story even for one sentence! And that's real rare!
One night... is the story of 6 friends working together at Connexions Call center in Gurgaon. The story begins by taking us into the lives of Shyam, Vroom, Priyanka, Esha, Radhika and Military Uncle. The whole book (as the title suggests) is just one night.
One night where many many things happen! One night when their darkest secrets come tumbling out, one night when they get even with their boss, one night when they get drunk and one night when they receive a call from God!
It might sound corny - a call from God - but when you're into the story, it's utterly believable!! That's Bhagat's greatest advantage!
The last phase of the book (starting from God's call) takes us into a retrospective mood - sorta like the Alchemist - and am sure it'll hot bull's eye with a majority of youngsters in India. They'll identify themselves pretty close with one of the characters in the book. (Else, they'll atleast identify with God!!)
I won't spoil the suspense by telling you about the plot here, but if you've come to this blog, it means you trust what i say and it means you're going to read this book!
Let me know what you feel once you're done with the book. I'll add it as a postscript to this one.

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