Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Horrifying stuff!!!

I still remember.
One of the very first movie conversations we've had back when we were kids was about the Exorcist challenge. I still don't know how true it is, but it was said that if you'd watch the movie alone in a theater, you'd be rewarded big!
I did not watch!
However, the conversation set off an ongoing fascination with horror movies! I guess the genre is a fascination with most of us!
It's like the old adage - Can't live with, Can't live without!!
Unlike many other, horror is an evergreen genre too!! From the days of Hitchcock, they've continuously been terrifying people!
Now, most of the Horror movies have a horror themselves - and that is the censor board!
The director's vision is shredded into pieces by the censor and the movie which finally hits the screens isn't even close to being as terrifying as what the director actually envisaged!
So, it was a pleasant surprise when i saw this poster of 'Frontier(s)' which proudly advertised that the movie is being released ' Uncut and Unrated ' !!!
That's real terrifying!! However, the movie is only hitting select screens worldwide on May 9th. So, if it's not coming close to you, don't worry! The DVD is out on 13th May! That too uncut and unrated!
Enough of the tease - You can watch the Trailer
I've looked this up and it's true - Very rarely does a movie come to theaters uncut and unrated! The Censor seldom lets a film get past. The fact that this one's doing so talks volumes about the team behind the movie.
I'm certainly gonna watch this one!
Here's more info about Frontier(s)
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