Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Geographer's Library - My interim review

Usually, I write reviews once i'm done with a book. However, last time i had this brainwave. This was during the Prisoner of Birth. You will find that review also on my blog. The book started pretty well, but lost steam and somehow got around and around before the expected ending came up.
So, this time when i picked up 'The Geographer's Library', i thought i'll write a review around half-way. The book is 546 pages thick and i'm on page 166. Not halfway actually, but still......
Jon Fasman is a young writer. He's just 33 and this is his first book. The intriguing title and the interesting paper-cover made me pick this up.
The story has been described on the blurb as 'A sophisticated thriller' and 'Marries the immediacy of 'The Da Vinci Code' with the rigour of 'The rule of Four''
Now, the book started innocently with Paul Tomm, a reported for a small county weekly paper and his fine boss. An old professor dies and the story begins.
The story is what one would call a 'Wraparound'. Which is to say that this one's a story around a story. The inner story (which actually is the 'Geographer's library') is of a real character - Al-Idrisi who was one of the world's foremost Cartographers and collectors and lived in the middle east during the middle ages.
The chapters weave in and out of either story. Till now, it's pretty interesting. Fasman introduced us to 3 objects till now, which are relics of a bygone era- related to Al-Idrisi in some way, which have got stolen.
An interesting situation has come up in the life of Tomm where he just met Hannah, the neighbour of the dead professor Jaan Pupahaev.
The book hasn't let me down anyplace. It's an intelligent person's read with enough twists and turns to make you dizzy.
I'll complete this once i finish the book.

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