Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Who would want one of those - 3

Actually, this is not 'one' of those. It is Who would want 'all' of those!
Actual Credit for this article would go to Readers Digest which came in this morning. It carried a Joke about this and when i went online, i couldn't resist putting this article up!!
Check out
Even considering the namesake, the items sold are ridiculous!!!
Don't believe me? Check this out for an example -

A Rubik's Cube with red on all sides!!! Why? So that the child has the satisfaction of completing the cube! The price , Just $24.99 - A small price for such a fantastic invention right?
Next Up is a Portable playground priced at $48.99 only! The name seems intriguing right? Till you see the sheer ingenuity of the product - It's an empty cardboard box!! Let your child's imagination run wild and use this box in any way they want! Wow!!
Not enough, check this one out then, An Abacus with just One counting bead!! Why? So that your child can never go wrong :) Priced at just 54.99$
However, this one takes the cake - Good Night moon - A book which is destined to make your child's self-esteem soar - How? The book is completely blank - The child will just pretend to read it and feel more and more confident! This one beats Einstein's inventions right? And at just $37.99, it's a steal!!!
But whatever said and done, the site gives us a great laugh!! Thanks guys :)

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