Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Saving Private Ryan (The Book) - My Review

Since the day Warner brothers started making movies, it was obvious that movie makers would turn to books to fuel their appetite for stories!
In the beginning, i guess the writer had more say in the making of the film. As time went on, Screenplay took over and finally the day has arrived when books are being written based on screenplays!!
Rarely does a writer command as much respect as the film maker, unless the name's J K Rowling!
Now, Since Speilberg made Saving Private Ryan, i've been wanting to read the book. Till date, i've not seen the movie as it doesn't make sense to see first and read later. I did that mistake with Jurassic Park and did not enjoy the reading part at all!!
Finally, i caught hold of a tattered paperback in our local library and finished it yesterday. Seriously, WOW! Normal war time stories (of which i've read a horde) take you through the first hand experience of Wars and it's Battles! Now, this one's different. Obviously more of us have seen the movie than read the book, so you know the story - A Rag-Tag unit during the second world war is assigned a unique mission - to get into the heartland of battle and to bring out Private Ryan due to a PR decision at the Pentagon. The story weaves a beautiful emotion!
Seriously, the only reason i've been wanting to read this book is that Speilberg bought out rights and made this movie. And Tom Hanks starred in it!
And is it worth it! Undoubtedly one of the best Human stories i've ever read (along with 'How Starbucks saved my life' and 'Black like me')
Characters like Captain John Miller Corporal Wade and Private Jackson linger on long after you finished the last page.
You know what, even if you've seen the movie, you must read this one! And if you haven't seen the movie, you MUST read this one!
This 317 page book is published by Penguin and the font is very comfortable to read (unlike the regular war time books which have a sadistically small font).
I've got the DVD and will watch the film now. Keep you posted :)

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