Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Of Splogs and Google Bombs!!

As said earlier, the Internet has created a whole new set of terminologies and a huge economy by itself!
With every Good, there come along a big bunch of Bads and bigger bunch of Uglies!
Same with the internet too!!
The Good here is the independence for people to express themselves in a world that's entirely virtual and created entirely by people like them!
After Google came on, the world became a better place (even if some people disagree)
Though not actually 'The Bad', online advertising comes somewhere close to that! But i guess without advertising, the Internet would have been a much smaller and inaccessible place! Still, the offshoots of advertising went bad, with ads dominating the marketplace and everything being changed to accommodate more and more ads! It spurred Millions of bloggers and webmasters to actually redirect their sites towards revenue rather than towards readers.
The Ugly is probably the biggest ruiner in today's Internet experience - Spam! Not just the Email variety, but of the Splog variety! Surprised?? The word 'Splog' was coined in 2003, referring to Spam Blogs. These are blogs created for the sole purpose of redirecting people to sites that earn thru traffic!
The simpleton that the average Internet user is (read ME), he unwillingly and unknowingly becomes part of that ugly world - The world of Piracy, the world of Free Toolbars, the world of Free 3D wallpapers and of god knows what else! Nah! We're actually going away from the topic here!
The topic still is Advertising. As Google is the Key thing in Revenue earning, A Top slot on Google search rankings ensures that you're site will get Top traffic and Quality traffic too! So, here come Google Bombs! These are artificial key words, which bring up totally different searc results! This term was coined in 2001, with a search string 'more evil than satan himself' throwing up Microsoft as the top search result!!
Try out Google for 'French Military Victories' and the top result will be an 'Albino Black Sheep' which will say 'No results found', try 'French Military Defeats'!! Is that a Gag or what!
Here's more info from Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_bomb
Got any other interesting phrases?

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