Sunday, April 27, 2008

Learnings from 'The Godfather'

Whatever the good and bad in the movie, 'The Godfather' has one obvious teaching. It struck me when i read the book many years ago and has been a part of my sub-conscious for many many years now!
It is 'Putting Family First'
In the scene where Michael goes to Vegas to speak to Moe Greene, Fredo Corleone takes sides with Moe and after Moe storms out of the room in anger, Michael calmly warns his elder brother - "Never take sides against the family with anyone ever again"
What learning!!! That's probably why The Mafia is called 'The Family'.
Now, i've seen a lot of parents chide their kids in front of strangers. "See, my son is such an utter disgrace, he's this and he's that".
I guess parents need to learn from Don Vito Corleone in this one regard. Whatever needs to be sorted out between a family needs to be done so between 4 walls. Irrespective of how serious the matter, when an outsider butts in, think Corleone!
That'll make sure that the kids grow up right and with the right values too!

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