Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hilarious - US Return Checklist!!

Here are 22 of the most recognizable quirks of an Indian who's just returned from the US - See if you can identify someone from your circle with some of these!
22. Uses 'Nope' for No and 'Yep' for Yes.
21. Tries to use Credit Card in roadside hotels (will atleast attempt!)

20. Drinks and carries Mineral Water and always speaks of health consciousness
19. Sprays so much Deo that he doesn't need to take a bath!
18. Sneezes and loudly says 'Excuse Me'
17. Says 'Hey' instead of Hi
Says 'Yoghurt' instead of Curd
Says 'Cab' instead of Taxi
Says 'Candy' instead of Chocloate
Says 'Cookie' instead of Biscuit
Says 'Free Way' instead of Highway
Says 'Got to Go' instead of Have to go
Uses 'Oh' instead of Zero (For 704 - Seven oh four - instead of Seven Zero Four)
16. Cribs about Air pollution each time he steps out
15. Says all distances in Miles instead of Kilometres and counts in Millions instead of Lakhs
14. Tries to figure all prices in Dollars
13. Sees the fat % on the cover of a Milk Packet
12. Instead of Zed (Z), will say 'Zee' and will keep repeating it as Zee even if people don't understand!
11. Will complain about Jet Lag even after 2 months!
10. Writes in MM/DD/YY and calls the traditional DD/MM/YY as 'Oh! British Style'
9. Will make a lot of fun about Indian Standard Time and Indian Road conditions
8. Avoids eating Chilli!
7. Tries to drink Diet Coke instead of the normal one
6. Complains about everything India as if he's experiencing it for the first time
5. Produces Schedule as 'Skejule' and Module as 'Mojule'
4. Looks suspiciously towards Dhaba Food!
3. Will not remove the Airline stickers from luggage even 4 months after arrival
2. Takes a trolley on trips in India and tries to roll the bag on our Roads and Platforms!

And The Ultimate Check -
1. Will begin conversations with 'In the USA'!!!!
No harm meant guys :) You make the country more lively!! Cheers
- Thanks to Raji for sharing.

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