Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Godfather - My Experience with the Movie!

I Should have seen this movie long long ago!!!!!
Whenever we decided on watching an English Movie online or getting an English DVD, i always chose the ones with a lot of Buzz. And the reason i kept skipping this title was because i saw Sarkar and Nayakudu (Dayavan in Hindi) and thought it's the same!
(Though not relevant here, Nayakudu was much better than Sarkar)
The Godfather by Mario Puzo was one of the first novels i remember reading and Mafia is one of the first Big Video Games i played.
In an earlier post i've written about books being made into movies (Saving Private Ryan) i opined that all of the movies made from books are letdowns when compared to the original book.
This movie turned that around!
What a movie!!!!
And this was the first movie i've seen of the awesome Marlon Brando and also of the equally fantastic Al Pacino. No wonder they are Superstars!
If you think Amitabh Bachchan's performance in Sarkar was intense, watch Brando!!! Wow!
Now that i think about it, innumerable Indian movies have been 'inspired' by this movie in whole or in part - and no regrets!
Coming to the actual movie, 'The Godfather' is the first part of the story of the Corleone Family starting with Don Vito Corleone (Brando) and ends with Son Michael Corleone taking up the reins once dad's days are over.
The best part of the story is the unwilling conversion of Michael (Al Pacino) from being a Soldier into a Don. Truly a masterpiece!!!
I won't spoil the fun by writing about the story here. That's why i've titled this post as an Experience rather than as a Review.
The actual reason i watched this movie in a hurry (on Veoh) was because of IMDB.
Yesterday, while writing about Apocalypto, i was searching IMDB for the number of awards for the film when i stumbled upon the all-time favourite rated movies. Which one was the best??
Yup. Godfather scored 9.2!
Watching this 175 min movie is such an intense experience! The book literally came alive on screen. It's actually a surprise that the movie won only 3 Oscars (Best actor-Brando, Best Picture and Best Story / Screenplay - Mario Puzo, Francis Ford Coppola) inspite of 11 nominations.
After watching the original, i'm raring to watch the sequels. Hope they won't let me down!
Meanwhile, go watch this one!!

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