Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Apocalypto - My review.

Actually, throughout this movie, i was thinking about the Doordarshan Sunday 1 pm movie days. Remember the days when we used to sit in front of the TV and wait for a movie in our language to begin (even if one was telecast last week)!!
And when we see the movie begin in some other language, we used to sit on for some time (till we fell asleep) not understanding one word, but still enjoying the movie!!
Now, Apocalypto took me back to those days!! This probably is the only movie to date that i did not understand one word of, but still watched from the first to last frame!!
PS - The movie is entirely in Mayan!!! Depend on the sub-titles!

Since the days of 'The Patriot', i've been a big fan of Mel Gibson. This movie released in Vizag, but played for about a week and i missed it!
Today i saw this on DVD.
Apocalypto falls bang into the genre of films like 10000 BC and 300. It probably started the genre and did a pretty good job too.
Apocalypto is set in the 15th century in a South American Jungle. It is the story of Jaguar Paw's (Rudy Youngblood) family and friends, whose village is destroyed by slave traders from the Mayan Capital. Jaguar Paw manages to hide his 9 months pregnant wife and kid in a well before he's captured. After an arduous trek thru Dense forests, Raging rapids and Swamplands, the captured are taken to the city, where they are meant to be sacrificed for the crazy Mayan tradition (apparently) of beheading men and burning their hearts so that the Gods are appeased and the Mayans regain their lost glory.
You must watch that part of the movie!! Real spine-chilling!
By a quirk of fate and a timely Solar Eclipse, Jaguar and a few other prisoners are saved for the moment, but they have worse fate awaiting them!
I won't spoil the pleasure of your watching the movie, but will tell you this much - While the first half of the story revolves around character specifications and our getting into their way of life, it is the second half that's the awesome part - where the caption of the movie - 'When the end comes, not everyone is ready to go' comes true!
The director holds you hard and doesn't let go till the last scene of the film!
This is really one helluva movie, though a bit weird in the sense that we, in India aren't exposed to that mysterious civilization at all! Consider the names of the characters for an illustration - Jaguar Paw, Seven, Flint Sky, Blunted, Turtles Run, Curl Nose, Smoke Frog, Cocoa Leaf and Sky Flower!! Ouch :)
Apocalypto has been nominated for 3 Oscars and for tons of other awards.
Awards aside, the fact that a foreign language film has been a super-hit all over the world holds testimonial to the brilliance of the movie.
You must watch this one - irrespective of where you are from!
More info here - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0472043/

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