Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who would want one of those? - 1

Hi people.
As we go round the internet, we find a lot of stuff that actually serves no purpose!! I'm just going to put up a few of them on this blog (with due credits and apologies to the respective manufacturers / sellers).
These are bound to get us a good laugh!!
Here's the first -

Panic Button

If you have about 5.5$ extra in your pocket and don't know what to do with it, you must buy this Panic Button!
What does this button do, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!
It comes with a self adhesive sticker (Wow! What a USP!) and can be stuck on your keyboard. Remember, it does nothing!! So, it just sits there and if you feel like pressing a key which really does nothing (!) this key is ready and waiting!
There's more, if you want, this awesome Panic Button can be expressed couriered to reach you ASAP at just an extra 8$ (that must be because we can't live another single day without seeing this on our keyboard)
More details and more laughs on this? Check this out

Stay tuned for more!!!

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