Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Welcome to the Future - 1

Every single day, Science challenges the frontiers of Human imagination. It is this spirit of challenging the 'impossible ' that has made our life so much more comfortable with people-centric technology becoming the key word in today's inventions.
Hence, this column. Whenever i find something futuristic already happening today, i'll try and put it up here.
To start with is a phenomenal invention - The Audeo!
The Audeo is a kind of a mobile phone (it's a bad comparison actually, but there's nothing closer!) which works directly with the speech organs and synthesizes the neurological signals straight into speech!!! Think about it! For people who are diagnosed with disabilities such as ALS where the voice doesn't come out, this is a big boon! Like Stephen Hawking uses a Voice synthesizer to speak, this Audeo will enable us to speak without opening our mouth! It works via a Feather-Light device which will be positioned over the Vocal Chords. Whenever the person wants to speak, his Vocal chords automatically are sent a command from the Brain with the matter to be spoke. The Audeo immediately picks up these signals and Processes them through a Computer. The computer will in turn speak out these words! WOW!
More info here - The Audeo

Now, we can surely look forward to the day when every man and woman would be able to speak!

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