Sunday, March 23, 2008

Serious Hobbying!

In most of our opinions, hobbies are for kids!! After we feel we've grown up, we let go and it just remains as a few words in our Resume!
For most of us, the regular hobbies would be what - Collecting stamps or coins / gardening / fishing / some sport / or even some art or craft!
My friend Eric has a hobby of making Paper Planes and he's gotten passionate about this hobby only a few months ago!!!
Now, Eric was gifted a diary and - why me, here's the story in his own words -

And true to his word, Eric almost makes a plane a day, takes a photo and with the description, puts it up on his blog -!!!

I came across this blog when i logged onto to access my blog. Blogger shows blogs of note each day and that day it was Eric's blog. Curious, i went to it and was sure impressed.
Eric surely has proved that Hobbies are beyond age and if you're serious about your hobby, you sure can enjoy it! The number of comments Eric's Blog gets each day shows what a loyal readership his blog has each day!

Making paper planes not sounding interesting? Check out his blog!!! It is not our regular paper planes! You'll see the best Fighter plane models on paper! You'll find the tiniest specification in place in each plane!! Yup. The pic here is of one of Eric's latest creations!
You must check that out! I'm writing this post just to show that i'm seriously impressed!
And i guess it's time to get serious about some Hobby of mine!!! Thanks Eric and keep going.

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