Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Rajasthan Effect!

This was to be expected!!
We just spent 10 beautiful days in the unbelievable state of Rajasthan! How can one not come back enchanted? When i look back at the trip, there's one thing that keeps striking me - The superb resilience of the Human spirit!
Living in a place which has been endowed by nature in multiple ways, it is easy for us to comment on life. In a state like Rajasthan, where more than 50% of the state is a desert, where the average rainfall is one of the lowest in the country, and where the weather is a constant enemy, the people are still unimaginably colourful!!
In fact, Rajasthan has been the state that's been attracting the maximum number of foreign tourists for a long long time (only recently has Kerala piqued it for the top spot). For a state that has the most impossibly bleak landscapes, attracting the max number of tourists itself is a matter of pride!
They say "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade". Rajasthan was given Sandstone and have they used it or what!! Wherever we look, even in the smallest village, we'll find some Fort, Haveli, Gate or even a small Bungalow made with Sandstone! No wonder, Jaipur's called the Pink City (Sandstone is naturally pink in colour)
Standing on top of Jaisalmer Fort, it is an experience in itself to see the whole city in uniform Pink!
Nature made Rajasthan in Mono Colour. So, the people made their own lives Multi-Colour. Where else can you imagine finding clothes in such varied hues and the weaves there have actually become a symbol of Indian Clothing the world over. It is a fantastic experience to see these brightly dresses people contrast against the bleak desert landscape!! Even the Camels and the Elephants are dressed colourfully!
Nature did not give the state a lot of land to farm upon. So, people, led by the kings there, built Huge Forts, which took up generations to construct and made gifted artisans out of ordinary people. It is a wonder to see Huge constructions in the middle of nowhere! When driving back to Delhi, we even saw winding long protective walls across the hills! God only knows what they were built to protect! Atleast, people had work to do and food to eat!!!
There's much more to write about this wonderful state, but i guess i'll do it in another article!
Overall, apart from increasing my faith in the Human Race, Rajasthan has treated us to sights that the eyes still have'nt got over, Food that the taste buds still gush about and Hospitality that makes me think when i can go back to it again!!

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ambika said...

Seems like Rajasthan's entwined you in a pleasant hangover. Nice Blog !! Keep Writing !!