Saturday, March 29, 2008

Online Bookmarking - The new revolution!

Below each post in this blog, you'll see a small link saying 'Share This', which has a revolving logo. If you've not heard of it, you are certainly not abreast of the latest in the Internet!
After Social Networking, the next craze is Online Bookmarking. Ever heard of Digg,, Reddit, Technorati, MySpace and a host of other sites?? Each of these are leaders in online bookmarking!
The practical success of these sites has spurred Biggies like Google, MSN and Yahoo into action, and now they've introduced their own bookmarking sites too!
Now, what's online bookmarking?? Like you bookmark sites you like in your browser, you do it online! Like with Digg, which is my favourite, you can just digg an article you like on the net and it'll be stored online. Not only that, but it is there for everyone to see! So, if you like an article, a news piece, a photo, a video or anything at all that someone else has dugg, you can just click on the digg link beside it and now, it'll show 2 Diggs!! There are articles on digg, which have thousands of Diggs!
So, this not only is an effective way to share interesting info, but also to advertise your stuff!
The popular ones like Digg and have thousands of people online at any given point of time! So, it's a pretty cost effective way of getting readers to read what you found or created!
With everyone who's anyone getting a net presence, i guess services like these will have a greater part to play in the integration of the Internet into people's daily lives!
So, the next time you find something you like in this blog, click on 'Share This' and then choose where you'd like to bookmark it! Get a presence man!
Keep Digg-ing!

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