Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ok Tata!!

The latest India Today features it's power list with 50 most powerful people in the country. When the book came home, i immediately thought Mukesh Ambani would be heading the list with bro Anil coming in Second. Imagine my surprise (and delight) to see them placed 2 and 3 respectively.
So, who headed the list? Our very own Ratan Tata!!!!
Having worked with Tata group for a few years, i've been a great fan of the man ever since! It is truly heartening to see this fantastic individual heading the Magic Circle 50 Power people in India

When the government says India is Shining, it is because of scions like Tata that it is.
The first line in India today says "Because he makes us proud to be Indian". How true!! Here's a quick fact file

  • Joined the Tata Group in December 1962, when he was sent to Jamshedpur to work at Tata Steel. He worked on the floor along with other blue-collar employees, shovelling limestone and handling the blast furnaces.
  • Was named Chairman of Tata Industries in 1981
  • Took over from JRD as Group Chairman in 1991
  • In 1998, launched the first indigenious car in India, the Indica
  • In 2000, bought out Tetley Tea UK for 432 Mn US$ to form the World's 2nd Largest Tea company! The largest deal then.
  • Bought out the troubled Daewoo Commercial Vehicle company for 102 Mn $
  • In 2007, Tata acquired Corus Steel- An Anglo-Dutch steel and aluminium producer for 52000 Crore!
  • Lauched the Tata Nano on Jan 10 2008 at the Auto Expo at New Delhi!
  • Among the 25 Most powerful people in Business according to Fortune Magazine Nov 2007
  • Honorary Doctorate from the London School of Economics
  • Over 50% of his 25 Billion $ Turnover comes from his international business!
And now to the truly exciting part!

  • Tata has bid for a takeover of The world's best known super-car manufacturer Ferrari!!
  • He has also finalised bids for 2 super brands - Landrover and Jaguar from Ford Motor Company, amounting to 2 Billion $!!
There are many many more!! For the complete list, take a look at

There are many things that make us feel proud to be an Indian. Ratan Tata gives us the same feeling!! Gone are the days when Indians were considered to be the best employees worldwide! Now, it is time for us to be the best Business owners worldwide! And Tata is paving the way!
I'm actually looking forward to seeing Tata takeover Ferrari!!!!
Jai Tata!

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