Thursday, March 13, 2008

How Starbucks Saved My Life - My Review

Here's another review! And this one's undoubtedly one of the most touching books i've ever read! Touching - not in the sense of touchy-feely weeping stuff, but touching in an inspirational sense.
How Starbucks saved my life!
My friend Kiran bought this book thinking it's the success story of Starbucks (Yup! He keeps buying success stories of everything and everyone) and the cover was so attractive (so was the name) that i picked it up from him.
I had just finished "Black like me" (look at my review on that book here) and was in the mood for Biographies.

Synopsis -
The Author Michael Gates Gill is a high profile Advertising executive with J Walter Thompson and Company and puts in many many years of dedicated service to them. When he turns 62, He is fired by an executive whom he has recruited for the company! And life takes a downward turn. He gets a messy divorce, can't find money to pay college education bills for his 4 kids and has an affair to get a 5th kid! Everything that can go wrong did go wrong, and some more too! One day, sipping Coffee at Starbucks, (Starbucks is the orld's largest chain of Coffee shops) he is offered a job as a Barista (we call them waiters here) by a 26 yr old Afro-American Lady!! And he takes it up!
The book takes us thru his life at Starbucks and about what Life really is about! Gill narrates his story at such a fast clip that we can't put the book down once we begin. It is a real touching story of a 64 yr old man working in the midst of kids in a job, which was so different from his hi-fi one earlier and at the end of the story, we actually feel like standing up and applauding the author for his Guts and also for teaching us so much about life in 250 pages!
Now, my friend Ambika took the book from me (No, Kiran has'nt been given an opportunity to read it yet) and we'll ask her to write a rejoinder at the end of this article once she finishes.
PS - Check out the One-Liners at the beginning of each chapter - they are quotes taken from Starbucks Coffee Cups!
You MUST read this one! If you can't find it at a library, Buy it. Else, ask Kiran to lend it to you!
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