Monday, March 17, 2008

The greatest Salesman in the world! - My Review

Here's a book review of one of my all time favourite books!
I had heard a lot about this book and was looking to buy it for a long time! However, the library did not stock it and Kiran did not have it (That means something!!)
By chance, one day i found a damaged copy at a bookstore and they sold it to me at 50% off!
(Not that the book is too costly - It costs just 125/- at full price)
Og Mandino, who authored this book, has written classics, that have sold over 50 Million copies Worldwide!!
This phenomenal book is placed in Ancient Egypt in a time before Christ. It starts off pretty mystically with an old mega-rich trader talking to his assistant about not having found someone with whom he could have shared his secrets of selling. Though the storyline is pretty engrossing, i won't keep you away from the actual reason why you should read this book - Selling!
There are 10 scrolls which the old man hands over to his new-found protege. Here they are -
  • Scroll I - Commitment
  • Scroll II - Love
  • Scroll III - Persistence
  • Scroll IV - Miracle
  • Scroll V - Time
  • Scroll VI - Emotion
  • Scroll VII - Laughter
  • Scroll VIII - Value
  • Scroll IX - Action
  • Scroll X - Guidance
There's a specific way in which Og Mandino recommends us to read this book, if we are serious about selling as a profession - Scroll 1 has to be read 3 times a day for 30 days straight!
Then, we are suggested to move on to scrolls 2 to 10.
Though i did not follow Mandino's suggestion (The book was too tempting!), still, the book a HUGE difference to my thought process!
This one's a small book (128 small pages), but packs a BIG punch! The best part is that nowhere in the book does Mandino (through the protagonist) talk about us improving our sales skills directly! The under current is that with the above mentioned 10 Human Values, Not only selling, anything in life is a Cakewalk! If you've not read this, you must! And if you have, do drop in a comment.
I'm now hunting for the next Mandino book to read!!

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Anonymous said...

Great book! Once you push it through the first 30 days straight and begin on scroll II then you can see why over a million books are sold every year. It works. It encourages you to take an approach to selling that goes against the stereotypical "sales person". One based on timeless principles of giving first before taking. I really like this book...