Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Googling ahead!!

Currently, i'm reading 'The Google Story' which talks about the meteoric rise of this awesome company! Now, this blog post is not to talk about Google and it's Brand image, but about how as an ordinary technologically-clueless internet user, Google has made a difference to all of us, why it will continue to do so and how!! This is real interesting stuff guys!
Trivia - Did you know that Google is a word in a Dictionary today?? Try this -
Interesting huh? Next time, we'll say i'm googling instead of i'm searching!!
The next time you visit, on top, you'll have images, news, orkut, gmail and more. Click on More and then on Even more. You'll see a huge list of Google applications!
Some of them like GMail, GTalk, Google Pack, Desktop search, Orkut, Blogger and Picasa, you might have heard of or used. That's hardly scratching the surface!! Try Notebook - It moves with your browser and is an online scribbling pad!! Whenever you are doing some research on the net, this is such a valuable tool!
Or, have you tried Translate?? This superb application lets you translate web pages in and to multiple languages and is pretty accurate too!! In fact, i wrote a testimonial for my friend Kishan on Orkut in Russian, using this tool! Check it out here (you need to be an Orkut member to read that)
Also try Specialized search, Scholar and Blog search for some interesting spin-offs on search!
Now to the best part - On the page, you will find Labs where all of the Beta products of Google are available for us to test and use first hand!! You must check that out!! And that page is customized to each country! So, we'll find Hindi translators and Indian labs products here!
What's the best thing? Everything to do with Google is FREE! Only God knows how they manage, but they do! And according to 'The Google Story', Larry Page and Sergey Binn (the founders) are among the Top billionaires in the world!
Want more info on them? Google them out :)

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