Thursday, March 13, 2008

Black Like Me - My Review.

For a very long time now, i've been reading only Fiction. And that was a natural progression from Hardy Boys to Sheldon and Archer. Somehow, the name "biography" seemed so boring!!
That was till a very highly rated friend recommended this book - Black Like Me.
Now, I'm not from the USA, never been there and was'nt even near being born by the time this book was written. Still, this book has been such an eye-opener!!
And so well paced, that you'll want to read thru it at one shot! Very unlike the other biography style of reading a chapter or less each day!

Plot Synopsis
- It seems so unbelievable that the author John Howard Griffin undertook such a risky and seemingly insane task of colouring himself Black during the 1950's and went down into South America to live among the Blacks and experience their life firsthand!! During his 6 week journey among the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia, Griffin maintained a diary, which ran to 188 pages. It is this diary which made up the book. Though controversial at that time, the book is exceptionally interesting, taking the reader first hand into the Black's USA of the 50s.
Having been written at a time when the Black USA was still discriminated against, the book went on to become a Modern Classic. I'm sure you'll find it at your nearest library. Else, it's bound to be there at any good Bookstore.
It's truly an eye opener! In fact, many things, we won't even believe - being born in a time and place where these situations can't even be imagined about!
Must Read!!
PS- A movie of the same name also was made in 1964 starring James Whitmore.
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viplav said...

thnx to u , am gonna read this book...else i'd never even have heard of it.hope i find it in british library!!