Friday, March 07, 2008

Big Blogging!!!

Since morning today, i've been absolutely jobless!!
So, I decided to explore Google and Wikipedia. Somewhere along the way, i stumbled across a top result which came in from a Blog!! Intrigued, i went on to research the most popular blogs!! And My God! What a treasure trove of information we have in the form of Blogs!!!
What i've realised today is that almost the entire internet is being fueled by amateurs! And gone are the days of people posting nonsense. Nowadays, bloggers pride themselves on posting genuine information which is almost as good as any certified encyclopedia we can buy in the market!!!
Still unconvinced? Think Wikipedia (, which is edited and managed entirely by people like us! In fact, i went online today and edited a couple of articles which were out of date!!
Now, i searched Google for "most popular blogs" and the blogs which came up were - Amazing!!!
So, i won't rant on about them! Instead, i've put up links to the most popular blogs here in the links column on my blog!
Take a look, you're sure to be blown away!! Especially remember that each of these blogs was done up by one person each only!

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