Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year- New Beginning!

I've heard a lot of people say, Jan 1st is just another day, why all the hungama and when nothing else is changing, why do we revel?
I also thought about it. Just like any other day, 1st Jan also has 24 hrs, comes with it's share of daily challenges, and most of the times, creates some kind of extra nuisance! Is is just that since a date is changing, we celebrate so much? And that too, when New year in our Indian culture is on Ugadi, which is more than 3 months away.
The answer suddenly struck me! New year's eve does not bring with it only a change of date, it brings with it, Hope. Hope of a new time, of new goals, of new resolutions, of new happenings and new successes. Of a new chance to take on life freshly yet again! We've all heard the adage that change is constant and that nothing is permanent except change. However, according to Maslow's Theory X, and out of our own experience, we've seen that almost everyone resists change. It can be a small change such as shifting the position of the TV at home or a major one such as a change of city or a job. Each of the change, comes with it's own resistance.
However, Human beings are also extremely adaptable and flexible. When a change is mandatory, they revel in it and make the most of it by showing that they welcome that change. New year is a time like that! In the year gone past, we might have achieved nothing, we might have failed in all our endeavors, we might have had a hell of a time, but when New Year comes on, ready we are! All the old failures are washed away and suddenly, our spirits lift with the thought that we are being given one more chance in life!
On 31st night, whether people usher in the new year praying to god or drinking and creating a nuisance, it is their own way of celebrating the fact that it's a new beginning!
We've often heard that it is hope that fuels the people. New Year is a proof of that! Suddenly, we accept and in fact, embrace change!
Cheers to many many more new years and much more hope to a society in dire need of it :)


KRIShna said...

Very true...Let's start life afresh this year.....

ambika said...


Vikrama said...

Well said anna! Your words are inspiring. And your hope and cheer, infectious! Happy New Year to you.