Friday, December 15, 2006


We keep hearing the statement "stop to smell the roses along your way". However, in today's ultra-fast world, there is neither the time to remember this adage, neither are there roses to smell along the way and even of there are roses, our noses have lost their abilities to distinguish the good and not so good smells!!!
But, in our daily lives there are certainly some moments which give us great happiness!. Most of them are'nt expensive (like roses today are), and hence, we just run over them without actually experiencing that joy. A few of those moments-

-> Smelling a freshly bought novel (or any good book). This is the major reason i'm anti e-books. They might be cheaper, more versatile or more accessible, does it smell so good???

-> Holding a glass of tea in your hands in chilly winters (holding. not drinking). We experienced this during our recent trip to Himachal. We ordered tea just to hold. Not drink! Awesome experience.

-> Sitting on the beach front-alone, just looking at the waves. As far as i know, this has to be the most therapeutic experience in the world. There is in-expressible magic in the waves that break on the shore with all their might and slide back peacefully.

-> Looking at babies laugh. You know it better.

-> Going to the ATM and finding that there is more money than you expected. This happens quite regularly for me- i'm so good at managing my finances, you know!

-> Drinking a cup of Strong South Indian Coffee- Aaaah.

-> Wake up early in the morning and find out that you still can sleep for some more time.

-> Come home late after a tired day and find HOT food waiting on the table!

-> Someone telling you that you lost weight!! Ahem!!

There are hundreds of things like this happening in our daily lives. And i'm sure these are god's way of telling us that there is a heaven on earth!!
Till the Roses come up on the street side, i think we have to make do with the rest and i'm not complaining!!!

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Anonymous said...

A nice piece of writing Aditya! We tend to appreciate small things that give us joy only when we don't take life for granted. We must stop to watch these little things to enjoy life to the fullest.