Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Then and now

Last evening i was thinking..
A recurring complaint from our earlier generations is that the present gen is spoiling our culture and that they don't even know what our roots actually are, blah blah....
In fact, after my tremendous contemplation for a few minutes, what i've realised (ahem!) is that it's the other way round!!!
It is our earlier generation which has actually forgotten where we came from and they're the ones that have actually neglected the things that matter!
(not that they had an option)
Case in point 1- Ask a college student of today if he wants to settle abroad after his education, most probably, the answer would be NO. We all love our country too much to stay away from it for too long! If this question would have been asked 15 or even 10 yrs ago, the answer would be an emphatic YES!! Not because they don't love the country, but they just can't resist the temptation to do what everyone else is also trying to do!
Today is the era of being unique. Not one among a crowd. If everyone around you are doing something, chances are, you will do something different precisely for the same reason~

Case in point 2- More and more youngsters today are turning to religion and spirituality today to help them absorb our culture better than with the earlier generations. Any place of worship you visit, there are more youngsters. In fact, there are topics of discussion in schools and colleges about why bheeshma fought on behalf of the kauravas!!
All in all, there is significantly lesser effect of peer pressure on youngsters, because now, the attitude is "who cares" about what others think! In fact, even with regard to education, it is the parents who are so worried about their wards faring well that that pressure catches up to them- not to the kids!!

Case in point 3- Most of the problems our nation is facing today are NOT because of the present generation. Be it religious intolerance, be it corruption, be it a general lack of enthusiasm for community life, be it getting attached to the TV, or whatever plagues us today, they have all been handed down to us by our preceeding generation!

But then, the world today has become a much smaller and phenomenally connected place, thanx to the advent and spread of technology. The minds are broader today and there is more understanding about the way of life. The best part is that all these are being done without missing a pub party, and without missing a cuppa at coffee day!

I'm convinced that we are living in the best of the best times!

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