Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Change in my terms and conditions!

Something amazing is happening the world over.
All these days, i 've not been posting anything on my blog as i thought they're too silly or because i felt they won't interest people that read. Nowadays, as i browse thru blogs of others, i've started realising that this blog is for me- for my identity rather than for others to read and comment on. Of course, there are lots of blogs which have a very loyal readership, but mine does'nt need to be among those!!
The amazing thing i was talking about is that more and more google searches that i do are giving me results, which link up to blogs! The best thing is that they are damn useful results too!
Especially, there are direct hits showing up from the query i key in!
I solemnly made a promise to myself yesterday. Whatever happening of note or un-note (if there's a word like that), i've got to blog it.

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