Friday, July 21, 2006

My Find of the year- Orkut

As usual, i'm late in waking up to whatever's already woken the world up.
It's Orkut! When i was in Bangalore last month, my cousin Teja first told me about this network of friends from Google and since then, i've been trying to log on. But, a good thing about Orkut- you can't just walk into it, you need an invite from an already registered member! This makes it pretty safe and relatively spam free. Good Idea!!
Last week, my cousin in Delhi, Raji also told me about Orkut and, bless her heart, she sent me an invite. So, i'm finally in!!
For the last 3 days, i've been hunting people down on orkut and i'm not surprised to find dozens of my friends already online! One great thing i found here is that you can sort yourself into all the communities you came from (like school, college etc) and also into your interests, cities etc etc. Now, it becomes so much more easier to find people. I typed in Vizag and thousands of people came up! I found a few in know and got started.
Tons of great features like a photo album, a scrapbook, a testimonial page, separate pages for personal, social and professional life etc make Orkut even more better!
Now comes the best feature for me. You can browse thru friends of friends! I added a few friends (whom i found easily thru search) and looked thru their friend database and found more people i already knew and added them too!!
Get on gang, i'll send you an invite if you want.

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ankita said...

really gr8 finding. but don't u think ur finding is late and not a new thing for internet user!!!!