Monday, July 17, 2006

Hail Coffee Day!!

About a year ago, Cafe Coffee Day opened an outlet in our city- Visakhapatnam and i've been hooked to it right since inception. It seems like some incarnations ago, i owed a huge amount to coffee day (or whetever it was then) and now, i'm having to pay it back with interest! Inevitably, my whole life has been revolving around meetings at that place (Not seriously, i'm just dramatising things!!).
Not only at Vizag, but wherever i see that Red and Purple Coffee Day Billboard, i'm inexplicably drawn to it. Recently, i've been touring a lot. I've visited Coffee Days at 3 places in Hyderabad (without prior planning, of course) and last month, in Bangalore, we went down to Forum Mall to look around and watch a movie (These Metro-nivasis treat all others like Adi-vasis- wah-wah. As soon as i landed at Bangalore, they Tch Tch'ed me and said since you come from a kind of village, let me show you a real hang-out place and took me to Forum Mall) and there was time for Fanaa to begin. Guess where we spent that time- Coffee Day of course!
Now, Last week, we went on a huge trip to Delhi- Jammu- Vaishno Devi- Amritsar and back to Vizag.
We were all climbing Vaishno Devi Hill and imagine our shock when at 4 kms up, we find the unavoidable Coffee Day!! Naturally we took full use of it and spent a well deserved 1/2 hr there before climbing on. At Half Way point, We were ready to take another break and- no prizes- yet another red and pueple billboard loomed up ahead of us!! Don't believe me, look at the attached photo! I've taken it there so i can get all you guys to believe me!
It's a pity that i could not find a Coffee Day in Amritsar, else, my C-D Darshan of my trip would have been complete!
Kudos to the management of C-D for such a comprehensive network! I'll keep on updating this place as i go ahead with my tour of Coffee Days across India!!

Update- 11/12/06- As i said, when i'm on tour in rural places, i'm on the lookout for coffee days. During my recent trip in punjab, himachal and delhi, i've seen a lot of coffee days, but a Coffee day in Amritsar, Chandigarh, Delhi and Shimla are nothing great. The new photo is of Coffee day in Dharampur. Dharampur is a little town in the hills, on the way down from Shimla. Must be about 100 kms from Shimla or something like that and there too, youngsters sat nursing their cups of Cafe Mocha and Cappuccino!! Hail Coffee day for taking these coffees into the tea gardens of Himachal!!!
Stay tuned for more :)

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